The Phoenix Earthship

The Phoenix Earthship is the most exotic nightly rental experience we offer.  This home’s jungle greenhouse creates its own microclimate in the high mountain desert and is completely off-the-grid, exquisitely detailed and outfitted with modern amenities. The outer greenhouse features towering banana trees, grape vines, birds, turtles and a fish pond with fountain.  The inner living spaces are cozy and quiet.  The Phoenix has been welcoming guests from all over the world for almost ten years and was featured in 2014 as one of Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Eco-Stays.

Phoenix ext flowers.JPG


The Phoenix, is a 5300 square foot building that is capable of housing 6 people, 8 max at $20 per extra person. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a large kitchen and living room and an interior jungle to enjoy.

In order to provide the greatest service to the people, we have decided to provide three different renting options. These are the entire Phoenix, East Wing and West Wing Suite. Detailed information below.

 Phoenix Earthship kitchen and dining area.

Phoenix Earthship kitchen and dining area.

Phoenix (Entire building)

The Phoenix is a work of sustainable art that has been featured in countless television shows and print articles.  The entire building is open to your family and groups. Along with three bedrooms with king-sized beds, two bathrooms, one twin-size bed, a full kitchen, dining room and living room, you also can experience, unique to the Earthship concept:

  • A teeming greenhouse
  • Fish pond
  • Birds
  • Food garden
  • Earthship-inspired chicken coop and run
  • Outdoor fire pit with seating

All of which exist within the Phoenix complex, regardless of the time of year.

A cozy fireplace with water fountain, free WiFi and TV with Netflix are also available and like everything in the Phoenix, completely solar-powered!  No Dogs.

1-6 people: $410 night / $2250 week

$20 per person extra over 6 people. 8 people max.  Cot (rollaway bed) fee $25.


For reservations, please call 575-751-0462 or email


East Wing

For those in a smaller group still wishing to absorb the one-of-a-kind experience. Two bedrooms with king-size beds, one twin size bed, one bathroom, a full kitchen, large dining area and interior lounge with a fireplace/water fountain and TV including Netflix awaits you.  The massive, flourishing jungle along with the assorted flora and fauna is also accessible. WiFi. No dogs.

1-2 people: $245 night / $1345 week

3-4 people: $320 night / $1760 week

For reservations, please call 575-751-0462 or email




West Wing Suite

The west wing suite is available for those who want to sample the Phoenix experience without renting a large part of the building. The suite consists of a bedroom with king-sized bed, sunroom, outdoor sitting area and bathroom. Ceiling-mounted TV with Netflix. We provide coffee and tea with a tea pot but there is no refrigeration in the suite. The jungle greenhouse is open for exploration as well. WiFi.  No dogs.

1-2 people: $140 night / $770 week

For reservations, please call 575-751-0462 or email