DAY 5 PUERTO RICO PROJECT: So much achieved! In only 5 days, Earthship Biotecture team and amazing volunteers have managed to build one pod and started another one! We wonder how much will be achieved when the team leave in 2 days..

Local community will keep on building, and our team will go back to help some more, we only need more fundings!





Michael Reynolds and Phil Basehart decided to go the extra miles today! Roof is on and we are finishing the structure slowly.. 

Watch our work and support us here: http://www.biotectureplanetearth.com/puertorico


DAY 3 Of the Puerto Rico Build: 

Third Day for Earthship Biotecture in PUERTO RICO, where Michael Reynolds and Phil Basehart are organising a disaster relief build! This hurricane proof school will show local people how to replicate Earthship techniques and stay safe! Today Michael Reynolds is showing us the other side of Earthship! Visits and meetings for partnerships, trying to spread knowledge to as many people as possible! PUERTO RICO soon will be AMAZING AGAIN!

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DAY 2 Of the Puerto Rico Build: 

Michael Reynolds and Phil Basehart present the PUERTO RICO disaster relief project, working so hard to make this happen!

More information and donations HERE


DAY 1 Of the Puerto Rico Build: 

Michael Reynolds and Phil Basehart arrived in Puerto Rico with their team and welcome amazing volunteers.... Straight to work!

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15 December 2017:

Biotecture Planet Earth, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on expanding the use of affordable, sustainable buildings and homes throughout the world, is partnering with Earthship Biotecture in order to build a hurricane resistant Earthship building in Puerto Rico.

Michael Reynolds and Phil Basehart will be leading a small disaster relief trip to Puerto Rico February 1st - 6th.

In September 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, creating devastation, destroying homes and leaving thousands of people without water and electricity. Biotecture Planet Earth and Earthship Biotecture are getting ready to build a first disaster relief demonstration building to be used as shelter in Puerto Rico

“We want to teach as many people as possible how to build very low-cost, hurricane resistant buildings that can be used as shelter”, says Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture. “Depending on how much money we can raise for this project, we will have various teams working at the same time to construct as many buildings as possible and at the same time teach participants how to do this themselves”.

It is planned to build up to five structures at the same time if enough funds are raised. A second phase will be planned upon the finalization of this project to return to Puerto Rico to complete the buildings and incorporate solar power and water catchment systems.

A minimum of USD $5,000 needs to be raised for the team to be able to complete one structure. Any funds raised further will be designated to materials for more structures. Earthship Biotecture and Biotecture Planet Earth are asking for any support to make this project possible. Any supporters can visit www.biotectureplanetearth.com/donate to contribute directly to this project.

For more information or how to get involved, visit www.biotectureplanetearth.com or contact the team (info@biotectureplanetearth.com).

To donate towards this project or refer individuals or organizations that could be of aid, please visit biotectureplanetearth.com/donate

About Biotecture Planet Earth:

Biotecture Planet Earth is a registered non-profit organization formed with the goal of expanding the use of affordable, resilient and sustainable buildings around the world while educating the public about the architecture, construction and functionality of these buildings. Biotecture Planet Earth's mission statement is: Building stronger, more resilient and economic structures in a place where natural disasters are likely to strike again, and to give people the power and education to help themselves and the ability to help others. Biotecture Planet Earth is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Biotecture Planet Earth are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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About Earthship Biotecture:

Earthship Biotecture is an organization based in Taos, New Mexico that works globally and that has been building self-sustainable houses all over the world for the last 45 years with the aim of providing structural and reliable shelter to every inhabitant on planet Earth. The company is led by Michael Reynolds, the principal ‘biotect' and creator of the Earthship movement, and has a vast following of hundreds of thousands of people internationally that want to learn the Earthship concepts.

BPE and project contact Information:


T: +1 575 613 2270

For more information visit www.biotectureplanetearth.com



While in Puerto Rico, we will have daily news about the build and the project, coming up in a special blog! Connect daily to our blog HERE