Earthship Biotecture has been building in the USA for 45 years and internationally for 25 years.

Eco-tourism: Earthship island, Indonesia

Started in November 2016 this project is ongoing on a small island in West Sumbawa Indonesia.  This project will demonstrate how tourist development can be built in a way that does not contaminate water, coral reefs or air.


Humanitarian: Six nations, Canada

This project was built in July 2016 on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve in Canada and was funded through participation fees paid by trainees.  The house was gifted to a local resident and her family.

Educational: Public school, Uruguay

Earthship Biotecture and the Uruguayan enterprise TAGMA partnered in February of 2016 to build Latin America's first fully sustainable public primary school.


disaster relief: Haiti Earthquake

After the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Earthship Biotecture built a demonstration unit in Port au Prince.  This building marked the beginning of adapting our systems for power, water and sewage to majority world conditions and cost.

client projects

Earthship Biotecture has built dozens of private Earthship homes throughout the US and Canada. Many of them are our latest design, the Global Model Earthship.