Michael Reynolds Australian Lecture Tour - October 2017

Join Michael Reynolds in Australia this October for a series of lectures about Earthships and their autonomous systems.  Learn how buildings can enhance their surroundings and the lives of their inhabitants without straining resources of the planet.

Preliminary Schedule - Venues to announced

October 14: Kinglake Workshop

October 15: Melbourne

October 17: Alice Springs

October 19: Sydney

October 20: Nimbin

October 21: Adelaide

October 22: Adelaide Workshop

October 23: Perth

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Michael Reynolds is a world leader in sustainable housing.  For over forty-five years he has been designing and building homes that heat and cool themselves, are built from natural and recycled materials, produce their own electricity, collect their own water, treat their own sewage and grow their own food.  He is the author of seven books, the initiator of 3 off-grid communities.  The largest community, Greater World Earthship Community, currently has 60 totally off-grid homes with a plan for 130 total.  He is the subject of the documentary Garbage Warrior and travels with his team around the world demonstrating Earthship/sustainable principles.  In 2006, he spearheaded the New Mexico Sustainable Development Testing Site Act which was signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson.  Recent international projects include: tsunami relief in India, typhoon relief in the Philippines, earthquake relief in Haiti, a school in Sierra Leone, a community center in Malawi and a music school for indigenous people on Easter Island.  In 2010 Taos County approved the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site where he is currently experimenting with advanced methods of carbon-zero housing for disaster relief and economically autonomous communities.  He is currently expanding the Test Site concept internationally in Indonesia and Colombia.