Michael Reynolds Australian Lecture Tour - October 2017

Join Michael Reynolds in Australia this October for a series of lectures about Earthships and their autonomous systems.  Learn how buildings can enhance their surroundings and the lives of their inhabitants without straining resources of the planet.

Preliminary Schedule - Venues to announced

October 14: Kinglake Workshop

October 15: Melbourne

October 17: Alice Springs

October 19: Sydney

October 20: Nimbin

October 21: Adelaide

October 22: Adelaide Workshop

October 23: Perth

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Michael Reynolds is a world leader in sustainable housing.  For over forty-five years he has been designing and building homes that heat and cool themselves, are built from natural and recycled materials, produce their own electricity, collect their own water, treat their own sewage and grow their own food.  He is the author of seven books, the initiator of 3 off-grid communities.  The largest community, Greater World Earthship Community, currently has 60 totally off-grid homes with a plan for 130 total.  He is the subject of the documentary Garbage Warrior and travels with his team around the world demonstrating Earthship/sustainable principles.  In 2006, he spearheaded the New Mexico Sustainable Development Testing Site Act which was signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson.  Recent international projects include: tsunami relief in India, typhoon relief in the Philippines, earthquake relief in Haiti, a school in Sierra Leone, a community center in Malawi and a music school for indigenous people on Easter Island.  In 2010 Taos County approved the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site where he is currently experimenting with advanced methods of carbon-zero housing for disaster relief and economically autonomous communities.  He is currently expanding the Test Site concept internationally in Indonesia and Colombia.

Earthship in Colombia Nears Completion

The Earthship project in Capurgana, on the Caribbean coast, is nearing completion after a month-long effort by Michael Reynolds, a small experienced team and an international group of workshop attendees.  The small unit on a steep hill facing the water was built as part of a larger planned project to create an Earthship Village Ecologies site and area for sustainable testing.  The site is inaccessible by vehicle so all materials were hauled up the hill by people and burros.  The vigas for the roof beams were harvested locally and the cooling tubes were built in place.  A follow-up visit is already being discussed.


Earthship Biotecture announces first ever Earthship Academy in Europe!

Michael Reynolds and team to teach self-sustainable Earthship construction in Dordogne, France. 

06 June 2017: Earthship Biotecture, an international organization specializing in building self-sustainable off-grid houses - Earthships - announces its latest project, the first ever Earthship Academy Global Session in Europe.

Michael Reynolds, the renowned “Garbage Warrior”, and his team from Earthship Biotecture will be in France to offer an exclusive training in self sufficient off-grid home construction. These houses are called Earthships and have been built internationally for over 45 years by Earthship Biotecture, making the organization a world pioneer in self-sufficient home construction. Earthships heat and cool themselves through passive solar and thermal mass, produce their own electricity using wind and solar energy, harvest and filter rain water for use and consumption, feature their own contained sewage system, and grow a large amount of food for people who inhabit them. Around 45% of the materials used to build an Earthship are repurposed byproducts of our society (garbage). 


Several Earthships have been built in Europe already and thousands of them exist all over the world.  This type of construction is gaining momentum as a solution to the environmental problems and housing crises faced on our planet. “By building and living in Earthships we are creating independence from non-renewable resources and are able to live encountering the natural phenomena and live in perfect harmony with Planet Earth”, says Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture. “This will solve many of our problems as human being and is the logical solution to ensuring a sustainable future on Earth”. 

The Earthship Academy will provide 60 students from all over the world in-depth training on how to build a Global Model Earthship home in just four weeks with both theory and practice lessons. The project will take place in Biras, Dordogne, a beautiful area in the South West of France. 

This Earthship Academy program will start on the 17th of July 2017 and will end the 12th of August 2017. The tuition fee is $ 2500 USD for the entire program, nearby camping or cabins are available. For more information, please visit: http://earthship.com/blogs/2017/04/first-ever-earthship-academy-europe/ or contact outreach@earthship.com


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About Earthship Biotecture:
Earthship Biotecture is a global organization that has been building self-sustainable houses all over the world for the last 45 years with the aim of providing structural and reliable shelter to every inhabitant on planet Earth. The company is led by Michael Reynolds, the principal Biotect and creator of the Earthship movement, and has a vast following of hundreds of thousands of people internationally who want to learn the Earthship concepts. 

Earthship Biotecture's mission statement:
· To evolve the way humans live on this planet by evolving existing methods of living, home by home.
· To make small, believable steps toward slowing down and ultimately reversing the negative impact of human development as it relates to the Earth’s ability to continue to support life.
· To present these steps in a way that affords easy understanding and inspires people to act.
· To empower people to make positive changes in their own lives to reduce their personal effect on global warming.
· To specifically design and build homes that ...
1 Heat and cool themselves naturally via solar/thermal dynamics
2 Collect their own power from the sun and wind
3 Harvest their own water from rain and snow melt
4 Contain and treat their own sewage on site
5 Produce a significant amount of food
6 Are constructed using the byproducts of modern society like cans, bottles and tires.
· To transfer this knowledge globally.

About Michael Reynolds:
Ever since the first screening of the film Garbage Warrior in 2007, Michael Reynolds has been internationally recognized and acclaimed as leader and pioneer of self-sustainable building designs. For 45 years, he has worked on perfecting the art of “radically sustainable living” and designing “Earthships”, the only off-grid and completely self-sustainable buildings in the world today that present all the comforts of conventional homes and more. A true visionary, Michael Reynolds believes that in an age of ecological instability and impending natural disaster, his buildings can - and will - change the way we live.


About Earthship Academy:

The Earthship Biotecture Academy offers extensive training in Earthship design principles, construction methods and philosophy. Academy classes, labs, tours and hands-on construction techniques are led by Michael Reynolds and a staff of top Earthship builders, electricians, plumbers, plant specialists and educators. We are building an Earthship Army and the Academy offers education for those who are excited to learn and live the Earthship philosophy and help expand it globally.

The Academy has trained over 1200 students from around the world. Students come from diverse backgrounds, many are architects, municipal planners, artists, teachers, industrial designers, professional builders, community and environmental activists. Applicants must be self-reliant and prepared to work in an intense group environment and take care of themselves physically, financially and emotionally.

Partial list of Academy classes:

History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept

Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling

Building with Natural and Recycled Materials

Water Harvesting, Storage and Filtration

Contained Sewage Treatment

How to Read Earthship Construction Drawings

Earthship Types

Basics of Electricity

Solar and Wind Electric Systems

Earthship Finishing Options and Techniques

Earthship Village Ecologies, Test Sites and Colonies

Sustainable Retrofit for Conventional Homes

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Projects

Project Planning and Staging

The Owner/Builder Earthship Experience

Contact Information:

Earthship Biotecture
T: +1 575 613 4899
For more information visit www.earthship.com or www.facebook.com/earthship.