The Independent Study can take as long as you wish and be completed anywhere in the world. Your Independent Study can be concrete (Building your own house, launching a demonstration project in China, staging and facilitating a relief project in Malawi, etc…) or theoretical (translating an Earthship book in another language, designing 3D models of Earthships, making supports to teach younger generations and younger people, etc…).

Students need to have completed their month of Earthship Academy before submitting their Independent Study proposal, and must get written approval from the Academy Staff. you will have to write a proposal to explain your Independent Study project:

Independent Study proposal information and format:

Proposals should be brief, organized, and to the point.

Proposals should include:

  • Description of the project

  • Proposed beneficiaries, if any

  • Time frame (target dates)

  • What resources you will be requesting from Earthship Biotecture (if any)

  • How you intend to document your project

  • How you will share your finished project with fellow Academy Students and world

Once we approve your proposal and agree on the support that you need and how we can best help you to achieve it, you can go ahead and execute your Independent Study. You will then need to write a report about your study and your experience doing it.

Once we receive your report and your Independent Study, we will then review it with Michael Reynolds and decide to graduate you from the Earthship Academy.

You will then receive a physical and a digital copy of your diploma.

Here are some example of Independent Studies that have been approved and completed:

  • 3D animations of Earthship Designs / Building Process

  • Documented Simple Survival Earthship Owner/Builder in another country

  • Retrofitting an existing home using Earthship Principles

  • Building a greenhouse using Earthship Principles + Designs

  • Earthship Building Techniques workshops and lecture tours with Mike

  • Educational (to scale) Earthship Architectural DYI Model.

We have many reports and examples of Independent Studies you can look at if you fancy reading some!
We are extremely proud of every student that has completed the Earthship Academy, we now count more than 50 graduates!

This is the first page of a 15 pages report from students in Argentina

This is the first pages of another report from students in Cambodia

This is the first pages of another report from students in Cambodia

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