Mima, Tokushima, Japan..


Come for four weeks to learn how to build an Earthship. The Earthship Academy and instructors are coming to Japan to teach you how to build your own self-sufficient home!

**Classes in English with Japanese translators**

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The Earthship build will take place in a beautiful untouched area of Japan. You can camp for free on the property of a nearby school that has been granted to us during the entire project! You'll have access to WI-FI, clean drinking water, hot showers and all you need in the school.


We will provide you with an amazing lunch on site during every work day!

A typical day starts at 8.30am until 4.30pm. You will have hands on work most of the day with the experienced Earthship crew to lead you, and then go to class later in the day for theoretical teaching about Earthships, Earthship history, electrical and plumbing systems, etc...

There are many tourist attractions around the area, Japan has so much to offer!

The course will take place from Monday to Friday with optional Saturday work.

You will build an Earthship from start to finish. You will be able to do hands on work and learn basic building techniques.

You will also have classes and theory, as for example:

  • History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept
  • Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Building with Natural and Repurposed Materials
  • Water Harvesting, Storage, and Filtration
  • Contained Sewage Treatment/Food Production
  • Solar and Wind Electric Systems in Earthships
  • Basics of Earthship Construction Techniques
  • Earthship Operations  and How to Read Earthship Construction Drawings
  • Earthship Types
  • The Water Organizing Module and lab
  • How to Build Gray and Black Water Systems

and more!

The tuition fee for this session is $ 2000 USD

**Sorry, we are unable to give any discounts or accommodate work trades**