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We are having a complete Earthship Academy in Haiti in January.

This program is exactly the same as in Taos, you will have classes in the morning, and practice on the construction site every day, from Monday to Saturday, during 4 weeks.

We will build an Earthship from start to finish. This tropical Earthship model is one of the most resistant to Earthquakes and hurricanes and yet uses simple and affordable building techniques. This construction is totally self sufficient, with all Earthship features such as water harvesting and filtering, upcycling materials, food production, safe sewage treatment, clean energy and much more..

Your tuition fee pays for a part of the materials for the school but also helps local people to come and participate to the Earthship Academy, so they would then be able to build self sufficient houses across Haiti!

This is WHY we are doing it, how HOW you can come and do it too! Mike is giving tips to fundraise for the tuition!

Tuition Fee:

$ 3000 USD

If you want to learn to build an Earthship, while participating to the construction of the FIRST self sufficient school in Haiti to help some children and local people, then this is the right project for you!

You can download the application and returned it filled to

Email for more info or if you have any questions!