Academy STEP 2

Once students complete their month of Academy, we encourage them to go further into their studies by participating in the construction of an Earthship from start to finish.

The Field Study sessions allow the students to really see an Earthship constructed from start to finish, with a better insight on how everything comes together. It is an opportunity for students to explore in depth the subjects that interest them the most, or complete knowledge they may have missed out on during their academy session.

The Field Studies are the perfect opportunity to solidify the skills acquired during the Academy and there are no limits on how many you can attend. Some students choose to attend one field study, when some people prefer to participate in three or five until they feel confident to move towards their Independent Study.

The fees to attend the FIELD STUDIES vary.

Some are free and some can cost up to $ 2000 USD to participate.

Field Studies can be open strictly for Field Study students, or some builds are academies where we free up few spots for Field Study students.


  • The first Field Study this year is happening in July, also in Taos, New Mexico, USA. It will happen in the middle of the Earthship community and we will build the new Encounter model! This is exclusive to students having completed the Earthship Academy STEP1 only.

    Register at outreach@earthship.com

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  • The second Field Study will happen in AUSTRALIA in October, but you can already register for it now! Email outreach@earthship.com for more info or to register! This is also four weeks and it is open to everyone, you do not need previous experience to participate!

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If you do not find a suitable Field Study at the moment, please keep on checking this page or register to our newsletter, as we are having regular Field Studies available every month, in different places of the World. Unfortunately, due to permit, fundings and more parameters, it is difficult for us to be able to plan Field Study long ahead.

Luckily, there is no time limit to complete the Earthship Academy and graduate!