Ted Brinegar attended the Earthship Academy and decided to apply what he learnt to help veterans, few years later, he is now the successful leader of FOXHOLE HOMES, and comes to teach and explain his journey from student to teacher at the Earthship Academy.


Foxhole Homes is Fighting Veteran Homelessness.

Located in the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico, our mission is to provide sustainable housing and community for veterans in need. The present goal is to build a sustainable research community that will provide housing with little or no utility bills, and offer jobs for veterans utilizing regenerative agricultural practices that will make the land throughout the community more fertile as time goes on. The drive onto No. 60 Rattle Snake Road is easy to miss, The gravel road, probably not wide enough for two cars, meanders through the desert between Alamogordo and Tularosa. Cacti and chaparral grow low to the dusty ground. No trees offer shade.

Behind the Josefoski home, planted on this unlikely plot of land just east of U.S. Highway 54/70, is a 120-square-foot residence two years in the making rises out of the dirt. It is the first project by Fox Hole Homes: Ted Brinegar’s vision of creating a community of off the grid, sustainably-built homes to house struggling homeless veterans.